BLT Sandwich

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1 SANDWICH
Calories 404
Calories from Fat 0.9
*Percent Daily Values (DV)
are based on a 2,000
calorie diet.
Total Fat 22.2g
Sat. Fat 5.6g
- - -%
Trans Fat 0.1g
Cholesterol 40.2mg
- - -%
Sodium 913.8mg
Tot. Carb. 36.2g
Dietary Fiber 1.9g
Sugars 5.3g
   Includes 0.9g Added Sugars
Protein 16.1g
Vitamin D - 0.6mcg - 0%
Calcium - 28.9mg - 3%
Iron - 2.4mg - 30%
Potassium - 252.5mg - 5%
INGREDIENTS: FRESH TOMATO, Bacon (BACON (pork cured with water, salt, sugar, sodium phosphate, sodium diacetate, sodium erythorbate, flavoring, sodium nitrite)), MAYONNAISE (soybean oil, distilled vinegar, egg yolk, high fructose corn syrup, contains less than 2% of salt, water, mustard seed, calcium disodium edta (to protect flavor.) Contains: egg), LETTUCE (lettuce ), Bread, English Toasting (ENGLISH TOASTING BREAD (enriched unbleached wheat flour (wheat flour, niacin, iron as ferrous sulfate, thiamine mononitrate, enzyme, riboflavin, folic acid), water, yeast, high fructose corn syrup, contains less than 2% of the following: salt, distilled vinegar, soybean oil, sodium stearoyl lactylate, datem, distilled monoglycerides, ascorbic acid, enzyme. contains wheat may contain milk, eggs, soy, and sesame))
ALLERGENS: Milk, Eggs, Wheat, Soybeans, Gluten, Sesame