Chocolate Brownie Milkshake

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 16 OZ
Calories 736
Calories from Fat 3.5
*Percent Daily Values (DV)
are based on a 2,000
calorie diet.
Total Fat 25.5g
Sat. Fat 14.4g
- - -%
Trans Fat 0.2g
Cholesterol 122.5mg
- - -%
Sodium 371.4mg
Tot. Carb. 114.9g
Dietary Fiber 4.3g
Sugars 94.2g
   Includes 3.5g Added Sugars
Protein 14.4g
Vitamin D - 0.4mcg - 0%
Calcium - 560.2mg - 56%
Iron - 1.9mg - 24%
Potassium - 72.6mg - 2%
INGREDIENTS: VANILLA BEAN SOFT SERVE MIX (milk, sugar, whey, nonfat dry milk, cream, vanilla extract, flavor base (egg yolks, natural flavor, annatto and turmeric color), mono and diglycerides, guar gum, tetrasodium pyrophosphate, carrageenan and dextrose.), REDUCED FAT MILK (2% milk, vitamin A% D), CHOCOLATE SYRUP (high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, water, cocoa, sugar, contains 2% or less of potassium sorbate (preservative), salt, mono- and diglycerides, xanthan gum, polysorbate 60, vanillin, artificial flavor. ), Cream Cheese Brownies (Cream Cheese Brownies (Brownie Base (SUGAR (sugar), CHOCOLATE CHUNKS (sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, chocolate liquor processed with alkali, soy lecithin, salt ), EGGS (whole egg, citric acid, 0.15% water added as a carrier for citric acid. citric acid added to preserve color. contains: eggs ), FLOUR (unbleached wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin, iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin and folic acid), UNSALTED BUTTER (cream, natural flavoring ), COCOA (cocoa, silicon dioxide (free-flow agent). ), CANOLA OIL (canola oil. ), VANILLA EXTRACT (Water, alcohol, corn syrup and vanilla bean extractives.), KOSHER SALT (salt, yellow prussiate of soda), BAKING POWDER (baking soda (for leavening), cornstarch, sodium aluminum sulfate (for leavening), calcium sulfate, monocalcium phosphate (for leavening). )), CREAM CHEESE (pasteurized milk and cream, cheese culture, salt, guar gum, carob bean gum, xanthan gum. contains: milk ), EGGS (whole egg, citric acid, 0.15% water added as a carrier for citric acid. citric acid added to preserve color. contains: eggs ), SUGAR (sugar), UNSALTED BUTTER (cream, natural flavoring ), CAKE FLOUR (enriched flour bleached (wheat flour, niacin, iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid).), BAKING SPRAY (soybean oil, phosphated mono and diglycerides, calcium carbonate, silicon dioxide, canola oil, water also contains propellant to dispense spray))), ALLERGEN STATEMENT (THIS PRODUCT IS PRODUCED ON EQUIPMENT THAT ALSO PRODUCES ITEMS CONTAINING WHEAT, SOY, EGGS, AND GLUTEN. SOME OF THESE ITEMS ARE PRODUCED IN A FACILITY THAT ALSO PROCESSES ITEMS CONTAINING TREE NUTS AND PEANUTS.)
ALLERGENS: Milk, Eggs, Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Wheat, Soybeans, Gluten